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Stronger Targets towards a Carbon Pollution Free Australia -- 16th Jun 2015

An Open Letter from NGO's to Australian Parliamentarians calling for commitment for Australia to achieve net zero carbon pollution by 2050.
Dear Australian Parliamentarians,

We are a diverse group of 51 leading civil society organisations, representing a broad cross section of Australians. We encourage our leaders to take on the responsibility to do more to cut Australia's carbon pollution and do our fair share to limit global warming.

As world governments prepare to commit to new pollution reduction targets at the United Nations meeting in Paris, December 2015, we call on you to commit to carbon pollution reduction targets for Australia that:
  • are in line with limiting global warming to the globally agreed upon goal of less than 1.5-2°C above pre-industrial levels.
  • reduce emissions by at least 40 per cent below 2000 levels by 2025, at least 60 per cent by 2030, and to lay out a clear pathway for Australia to achieve net zero carbon pollution as soon as possible, by mid-century at the latest.

A net zero carbon pollution pathway to 2050 is achievable, affordable and desirable.

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Open letter to Australian Parlimentarians calling for zero carbon emissions by 2050 -- 16 Jun 2015

PCP Media: Climate change is human rights issue -- 5th Mar 2015

Interview opportunity with Ms Pelenise Alofa: Sydney, 10th to 14th March 2015

Pelenise Alofa, climate advocate and coordinator of KiriCAN – Kiribati Climate Action Network - has addressed the 28th Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

In her address delivered today in the United Nations in Geneva Ms Alofa  called on the Human Rights Council to speak out: “We cannot continue to discuss this issue at the UNFCCC or the UN General Assembly alone. It is paramount that this Council provide a strong voice to reach the negotiations at the UNFCCC.”

“We have a right to survive and to live,” she insisted. “Climate Change is a global injustice and one of the greatest human rights challenges of our time. Climate Change also touches every aspect of our lives.”

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PCP Release: Pelenise Alofa at UN Geneva

Refugee Council release: Attacks on Human Rights Commission distract from protecting children -- 25th Feb 2015

Attacks on Human Rights Commission distract attention from protecting children Baseless attacks on the Australian Human Rights Commission and its President, Professor Gillian Triggs, serve only to distract attention from protecting vulnerable children under Australia’s care, the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA) said today.

... “Under the Rudd and Gillard Governments, record numbers of children were detained, reaching a peak of 1,992 in July 2013.

“In its first year in office, the Abbott Government reduced the number of children detained in Australian centres from 1078 to 603 but the average length of time in detention for children and adults blew out from 115 days to 413 days. As at 31 January 2015, 211 children remained in detention in Australia and 119 in Nauru, nearly all of them detained for well over a year.

... “Rather than attacking the Australian Human Rights Commission for doing its job, the Government should be getting on with its own job: protecting the vulnerable children under its care. It should immediately introduce legislation to prevent the detention of children and ensure that this shameful policy is never repeated.”

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Refugee Council release: Attacks on HR Commission distract from protecting children -- 25th Feb 2015

Patrick Dodson: Tribute to Faith Bandler -- 24th Feb 2015

Hers was a life of activism in Australia, whether for equal wages for Aboriginal workers, the rights of those who had been stolen into slavery from the islands of her father or the recognition of Indigenous people in the Constitution of the nation. For this Lady injustice was not defined by colour nor creed, nor racial origin. Injustice for her was simply unacceptable and when identified could not be tolerated or left in place to fester and corrupt the soul of the nation.

... This dear Lady was confronted with the reality of injustice from the day of her birth and fought against its tide for her entire life.

Her message of justice and humanity will not disappear with her passing into the spirit of the land and waters of her country where she travels today but will have its echo in hearts of future generations.

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ERC Media: End detention of asylum children once & for all -- 13th Feb 2015

MEDIA RELEASE, Sydney, Friday, 13th February 2015
"End mandatory detention of children once and for all"

In response to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention which was released yesterday, the Edmund Rice Centre joined with 201 other Australian organisations and community groups to sign a joint statement calling all members of the Australian Parliament to take action to end the detention of children.

"The Australian Human Rights Commission report The Forgotten Children is a well-researched, detailed and deeply disturbing account of the harm inflicted on vulnerable children as a direct result of decisions taken by successive governments. Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs and her team should be congratulated for their work in once again bringing the nation's attention to the horrors inflicted on vulnerable children," Mr Glendenning said.  

"Both of Australia’s major political parties are responsible for deliberately putting in place policies and practices that harm children. The Rudd and Gillard Governments set new records for the numbers of children detained, while the Abbott Government has seen the average length of detention blow out from three months to more than 14 months in its relatively short time in office. The Australian Government has no plans to expedite their release. This is unacceptable. This is wrong. It must stop," Mr Glendenning affirmed. "Every individual member of Parliament has a duty to act. Cruelty to children can never again be seen as an option. The country has had enough."

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ERC Media Release - Asylum children out of detention.

PCP Media: 'Climate justice!' Pacific call at UN SIDS conference in Samoa - 29th Aug 2014

MEDIA RELEASE Sydney, Friday, 29th August 2014
Delegation leaving Sydney to promote human rights perspective on Pacific climate change impact.

A delegation of four climate change advocates from the Pacific Calling Partnership will leave Sydney today for the Samoan capital, Apia to promote the calls of Pacific communities for 'climate justice' at the 3rd UN Conference on Small Island Developing States, 'SIDS'.

“The fears of Pacific Island communities in climate-vulnerable atoll nations continue to grow as impacts of climate change incrementally disrupt traditional living in our home villages,” said Pacific Calling Partnership spokesperson Maria Tiimon Chi-fang.

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PCP Media Release

Failed asylum seekers: Sri Lanka -- Interim Reseach Update, Aug 2014

Out of grave concern formed from revelations of the ongoing and systemic mistreatment of asylum seekers returned to Sri Lanka, evidence collected by ERC is made available here in this Interim Research Update in the form of the following case note summaries.

In 2014, serious allegations of mistreatment are borne out in a number cases of returned failed asylum-seekers in the entire period since the UN Committee Against Torture expressed concerns in 2011.

The Department of Foreign Affairs in Australia is well aware that those charged in Sri Lanka under S45C of the country's Immigrants and Emigrants Act may be held without bail for an indefinite period of time.  This ERC Interim Research Update confirms that a practice of indefinite detention is being systematically conducted by Sri Lanka.

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ERC Interim Research Update

PCP Media: Young Pacific Leaders deliver urgent call in Canberra -- 27 May 2014

Release - PCP Media: Canberra, 27th May 2014
Young Pacific leaders deliver urgent call in Canberra:-
    "We have a right to our future in our island homes"

A group of young leaders from Kiribati and Tuvalu are this week visiting parliamentarians in Canberra to encourage the parliamentarians and the people of Australia to rethink their climate change policies.

Spokesperson for the group, Maina Talia from Tuvalu, said: "We have come all the way from our islands because we care about the lives of our children whose contribution to climate change is next to nothing but who may not be able to call Kiribati or Tuvalu home."

"For us this is not about politics, nor economics, but it is about survival of culture, our language and our identity." said Boraueanimakin Tiannere (Tebby) from Kiribati.

The young leaders are in Australia as part of an initiative of the Pacific Calling Partnership (PCP) a program of the Edmund Rice Centre.

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PCP Media Release

ERC Media: Salvadoran advocate says 'No!' to death from OceanaGold mine (ASX: OGC) -- 11 Nov 2013

A plea to Australia: Put life & dignity before gold & profit
Edmund Rice Centre: 'A difficult courageous story from El Salvador – but one that inspires.'

"Courageous and determined," is how Edmund Rice Centre Education Officer Sean Cleary describes visiting grass-roots environmental advocate from El Salvador, Ms Vidalina Morales. "The story that Vidalina brings to Australia from her community is frightening and outrageous, but also inspirational - to hear how the people of these rural worker communities have been able to unite to confront a multi-national mining company and so far, to forestall the threat that this gold-mine would pose to their water-supply, to their farm-lands, to their lives and to the lives of their children," Mr Cleary said.

Vidalina has arrived in Australia to commence today a two week speaking tour "Water Not Gold" to raise awareness of the threat posed to the people of her village by the plans of Australian mining company OceanaGold to reopen production in a long-abandoned gold mine in El Salvador’s Cabañas province.  

"El Salvador is a tiny country” affirmed Vidalina. “It is one of the most densely populated countries in the Americas which has led to a major problem of deforestation and this in turn has led to serious shortages of water in our communities."

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ERC Release: Advocate says 'No!' to mining death from Oceanagold Corp (ASX: OGC) -- 11 Nov 2013

ERC Publication for Educators: Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource

The focus is on real people and their stories

The Edmund Rice Centre's Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource provides activities for students which are practical, engaging and focused on increasing awareness about human rights and advocacy.

The Education Resource, available to download at no cost, offers 35 cross-curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels in secondary school. Some activities can also be used with primary classes, students with special needs and with community groups.

Students are encouraged to think about asylum seekers and refugees with compassion, to move their understanding from the head to the heart.
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Promotional flyer of the new schools resource on asylum seekers

ERC International Human Rights Immersion: Central America -- July 2012

A formation program for people wishing to develop new and profound perspectives to their existing frameworks and commitment to social justice & reconciliation. The program will emphasise the use of a rights-based approach in development work and in systemic advocacy for social justice.  
The immersion aims to foster engagement with the international partner organisations visited, and to bring about transformational education for justice. International immersion experiences develop a new and internalised sense of our world, and of structures of inequity within it, from the perspectives of the economically excluded.    
El Salvador & Guatemala: Within processes of post -conflict social reconciliation, few places provide better examples of the use of programs of ‘recovery of historic memory’ as human rights strategies to confront structural impunity and to build social justice.  In our visit to the region we will meet with people who have risked all in the struggle for social justice in these countries. These are people who continue to be willing to put their lives on the line for the construction of a better society.

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ERC Human Rights Immersion - July 2012

A Well-Founded Fear -- Nationally televised documentary on Asylum Seekers

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SIDS2014 -- Initial perspectives - Sat, 30th Aug 2014

We were met at the airport by the friendly SIDS bus team and arrived at the Wesley Motel at about 1.00am to a very warm welcome.

Accreditation. After breakfasting late, we met up with Apisaloma who had arrived from Kiribati a few hours earlier than us and headed for the conference centre.

As we went through the process of registering our accreditation as representatives of Edmund Rice International, we talked excitedly about the fact that this was the very first time for Api to be accredited to a UN conference. It was a big moment for him and one we rejoiced in as we believe that as a young leader he may well be bringing the voice of the Pacific to the UN many more times in the future.

Planning and exploring possibilities Api showed great promise when he took part in the leadership training program that PCP held in May, the Kiribati-Australia-Tuvalu Exchange Program (KATEP).

The rest of the day we spent getting familiar with the venues, sorting out how to use the specially provided SIDS SIM cards in the 2 phones we are going to communicate and organise with over the next few days.

We also took many opportunities to tell Api stories of previous UN conferences and shared with him some of the lessons we had learned and explaining to him our ideas on how we could best make a contribution.

Latest News: (1) Teacher Resource - May2015: Asylum Seekers & Refugees -- (2) PCP Open Letter: Zero emissions by 2050 -- (3) Just Comment 17.1: Roma People


Recent Publications from ERC

Asylum Seekers - Schools Resource

ERC Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource Student Activities

  *NB: UPDATED: MAY 2015

ERC's publication Asylum Seekers and Refugees Education Resource provides activities for students which are practical, engaging and focused on increasing awareness about human rights and advocacy. 

This 52 page resource is available for download at no cost, and offers 35 cross-curricular activities, adaptable to all year levels in secondary school. Some activities can also be used with primary classes, with students with special needs, and with community groups.

Students are encouraged to think about asylum seekers and refugees with compassion, to move their understanding from the head to the heart.

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Update: ERC Director, Phil Glendenning, recently returned to Australia from Afghanistan after 10 days interviewing returned asylum seekers again in Kabul.

ERC is redoubling our efforts to find a third-country resettlement option for those returnees from Australia with whom we have been able to make contact. We need financial support to achieve this.

Such work uncovers high levels of risk for the deportees (and for our researchers). Research publications are available here.

Listen to Phil speak of the visit to ABC Radio National's Phillip Adams.

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